Alternative Dispute Resolution North Shore

The cost of litigation doesn’t just affect your checkbook. The process is long, stressful and can have a lasting impact on you and your family. That’s why Natola Associates offers alternative dispute resolution on the North Shore, MA including the representation of clients in arbitration and mediation.

If you’re looking for a way to come to an agreement and settle terms fairly without going to court for an expensive and public litigation battle, learn more about our alternative dispute resolution options.

Options for Alternative Dispute Resolution on the North Shore, MA

Natola Associates offers three methods for disagreeing parties to settle differences outside of the courtroom. This includes arbitration, collaborative, and mediation.

  • Arbitration: This is a form of alternative dispute resolution and a legal technique to settle disagreements in either a binding or non-binding decision of the arbiter.
  • Collaborative Law: This goal of this method is to achieve a settlement that best needs the specific needs of both parties. Becoming increasingly more popular in family law over the years, this method keeps the best interests of children at the forefront of discussions. Family issues including disputes between parents and the preparation of pre and post-marital contracts can also be resolved with the collaborative process.
  • Mediation: Clients remain in control with mediation instead of letting a judge decide the terms. At Natola Associates, our certified mediators will assist both parties reach a fair agreement. However, mediation is not limited to partners going through a divorce. States, organizations, businesses, communities, or other representatives with the interest in the settlement of a dispute can also benefit from mediation.

Expert Alternative Dispute Resolution with Natola

Alternative dispute resolution is almost always less costly than tradition representation or litigation. Clients who are stressed because of divorce and other family law matters, probate, small business, or other disagreements will benefit from a confidential, expert, and shorter process.

If you think arbitration, the collaborative law process, or mediation may right for you or would like to learn more about our alternative dispute resolution on the North Shore with Natola Associates, contact our firm today at (978) 739-9300.