Divorce Mediation - Essex County, MA

If you must obtain a divorce but want to do so in a way that will have the least negative impact on your children, settle your divorce without resorting to contested litigation, or if you would like to obtain a divorce and be able to remain on good terms with your current spouse, divorce mediation in Essex County, MA is what you are looking for.

Divorce Mediation in Essex County with Trained Professionals

Natola Associates utilizes a highly effective method for handling your divorce proceedings, ensuring that a rapport is established before discussion or mediation begins. With divorce mediation, you and your spouse will control the terms of your divorce in a safe, controlled environment. These terms should include:

  • Dividing Assets:
    • Marital property such as homes and buildings, furnishings, appliances, motor vehicles, bank accounts, stocks, etc.
    • All debts that stand in each of your names separately and jointly such as credit car debts, personal loans, mortgage balance, etc.
  • Minor Children:
    • At which parent’s home they will primarily live.
    • Who will make the final decisions regarding things such as schools, medical decisions, etc.
    • Child support payments.
    • Details of the time that the parent whom the children are not primarily living with will have with the children.
  • Alimony
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Mediation allows clients to compress the time periods of back-and-forth negotiating that is necessary to achieve these settlement terms. So instead of your divorce taking months to progress resulting in added stress, mediation with Natola Associates is focused into sessions where progress is made in hours.

Save Time and Money with Divorce Mediation

Natola Associates understands the stress that divorce and separation can have on children when the divorce is brought to court. We will remain fully committed to the process and your goals and interests when you choose divorce mediation in Essex County, MA.