Criminal Defense Lawyer Danvers MA

If you find yourself in the position of needing a criminal defense lawyer, Danvers, MA residents should immediately contact Natola Associates, LLC. You know that you have the right to an attorney, and we believe that you should have the best possibly attorney on your side. A criminal defense lawyer specializes in the defense of someone who has been charged with criminal activity. These can be aggressive charges, and at Natola Associates, you will find an aggressive and professional criminal defense lawyer in Danvers, MA that you can count on to give you the best possible defense. A criminal charge is a serious situation, and it can disrupt your marriage, create challenges in your friendships, cost you your job, and overall derail your life. Even if you have a strong defense, without an excellent defense attorney on your side to make that defense for you, it might not matter. Therefore, finding and retaining a criminal defense lawyer who you can trust to be your advocate is a necessity.

We believe that it is the job of Natola Associates to pursue the absolute best possible outcome for every client that we represent, no matter what the charge. As your criminal defense lawyer, Danvers, MA clients should know that our focus is to provide you the best personal service we can.


Experienced criminal defense lawyer Michael Natola founded Natola Associates, LLC. He began practicing criminal law upon his admission to the bar in 1978 and he has never been a prosecutor. Starting his career in the office of one of the best-known, successful and busiest lawyers in the Boston area, Mr. Natola built his reputation and success from there. Michael has represented thousands of criminal defendants in all divisions of the Trial Court throughout Massachusetts. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Danvers, MA or surrounding areas, you can feel confident putting your case in the hands of Mr. Natola and any of his associates.


Natola Associates knows that part of what it takes to be a great criminal defense lawyer Danvers, MA clients can trust, is to take the time to make sure you understand all of your legal options. We’ll explain what your charges mean, what your plea options are, what a defense strategy should be, and the implications of all the available choices.

When you hire Natola Associates, your attorney will be with you as your criminal defense lawyer to deal with the issues surrounding the arrest, the criminal investigation, understanding the criminal charges, the sentencing and appeals processes, and any post-trial issues. Our ultimate goal is to fight for a verdict of “not guilty”, or have your case dismissed or the charges dropped. We’ll put your defense needs first and give you the best defense for the best chance at a positive outcome.

Natola Associate’s criminal defense lawyers defend Danvers, MA clients against a full range of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges including:

  • Felony drug charges
  • Felony gun charges
  • Felony assault and battery
  • Felony assault with a deadly weapon
  • Felony other related violent charges
  • Misdemeanor drug crimes and underage crimes
  • Drunk Driving including OUI/DWI/DUI
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Shoplifting and Larceny, including shoplifting, pick pocketing, and other property theft crimes
  • Rape and sexual assault charges
  • Violation of Probation, including fighting probation violations to prevent jail time or additional charges
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses including speeding, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license

Natola Associates ensures that you are prepared both in and outside of the courtroom. No matter how complex the issue, our criminal defense attorney can break it down into simple and clearly stated options.


By focusing our practice on a few areas of the law, Natola Associates has developed the experience and skills necessary to provide each client with quality representation while achieving the results they want. With focus as your criminal defense attorney, Danvers, MA residents in need of an attorney should call Natola Associates today for the top criminal defense lawyer in Danvers, MA and the surrounding communities.

Our family law practice is broad in scope, and includes divorce, alimony, division of marital assets, modifications, restraining orders, prenuptial agreements, and all issues pertaining to the care and support of children, including custody, visitation and child support. Unlike many law firms whose sole focus is on litigation, we also offer effective mediation services for the growing number of people who desire to resolve their marital differences cooperatively and amicably rather than engage in often lengthy, costly and stressful litigation in court.

Our criminal practice is devoted to defending the rights of individuals suspected of or charged with committing any sort of the various misdemeanor and felony offenses in the district courts and superior courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We regularly represent criminal defendants in the Federal District Court in Massachusetts and have argued cases in the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Remember, an arrest simply means that someone in law enforcement believed that they had probable cause that you committed a crime. This can be a stressful time, but rest assured that as your criminal defense lawyer, we’ll counsel and represent you throughout any investigation.

The attorneys at Natola Associates, LLC have represented clients throughout Massachusetts and in state and federal courts as far west as Texas and as far south as Florida. We have the experience to be the criminal defense lawyer Danvers, MA clients need.


If criminal charges have been filed against you, please contact us immediately! Wait for legal representation before you make any statements at all, even if you don’t believe they could be harmful to your case.

Call (978) 739-9300 and let us know that you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Danvers, MA. Natola Associates, LLC is a dedicated, experienced, and skilled criminal defense lawyer Danvers, MA clients can trust to protect your rights.